Drew’s Manufacturing Co. has been consistently delivering high quality screw machine products to its customers since 1977.  Larry Drew started the company as a one-man screw machine shop doing all operations himself while making customer service his top priority.  The company has continued growing in size and employees over the years, while following this same customer service philosophy to this day. This is shown by the company still servicing some of its original customers from the day it opened back in 1977.

Industries and Applications Served

Drew’s Mfg. specializes in the production of quality screw machine products for a vast array of industries and applications, including:

-Automotive                          -Furniture                         -Plastics

-Recreational                        -Archery                           -Fasteners

-Cable Fittings                      -Transformers                  -Injection Molding Inserts

-Marine                                -Appliances

Drew’s Mfg. Important Events Timeline

1977 – Drew’s Manufacturing Co. is started by Larry Drew

1980 – Company moves to a larger facility located in a building right next door to its original location.

1986 – Acme Gridley Multi-Spindle screw machines added to facility

1998 – 15,000 sq/ft. addition added to facility (total sq/ft of facility = 22,000)

    • Larger shipping department with warehousing shelves
    • Separate Multi-Spindle department area
    • Loading Dock for deliveries
    • Inside unloading area for steel/brass trucks
    • Overhead crane

1998 – Chip processing system added to facility

1998 – Complete parts washing system using rust inhibitor solution added to facility

2003 – Company achieves ISO 9001 certification

2010 – Company begins producing high volume brass parts

2011 – Davenport screw machine added to the multi-spindle department

2012 – Two Davenport screw machines added to the multi-spindle department

2012 – Energy Efficiency and “Green” Initiatives implemented throughout the facility

             – High bay metal halide lighting replaced by high efficient CFL lighting throughout the production facility

– Air compressor heat discharge recirculated into production facility during winter months

– Reduced paper usage by integrating electronic communications with customers, vendors and throughout the facility

2014 – Changed focus of the business away from mostly automotive work and more on lower production parts in other industries.

2017 – Sold off excess equipment no longer needed due to new work focus. Reduced size capabilities to 1″ diameter and under on all high volume parts.

2018 – Upgraded our ISO Certification to ISO 9001:2015

Davenport screw machine