Drew’s Manufacturing Co. strives for complete quality control on all of their products by committing to quality and performance standards such as:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System
  • PPAP compliance for automotive customers
  • Capability Studies
  • Inspection Reports and SPC
  • JIT Delivery
  • Preventative Maintenance Schedules
  • Material, Plating, & Heat Treatment Certificates

Inspection Equipment

  • Comparator
  • Electronic Calipers & Micrometers
  • Depth Micrometers
  • Dial Calipers
  • Pin Gages
  • Thread Gages (Go/No-Go)
  • Dial Indicators
  • Height Gages
  • Surface Plates

Vision parts sorting using camera inspection systems are available for 100% part inspection when requested.


At Drew’s Manufacturing Co., we know the customer is number one; therefore it is our policy to ensure that our products and services completely meet our customers’ order specifications.  It is our policy to select suppliers that meet our customers’ specifications and which also strive to continuously improve the quality of their products.  At Drew’s Manufacturing Co., it is our philosophy to continuously strive to improve in the total quality of our products and services and to maintain a high level of performance with the goal of zero defective products.